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How to avoid back pain with yard work and summer activities

Yard work can be long and tiring, but let's make sure you don't put yourself at risk of injury, more specifically back injuries. Always make sure you are lifting with proper technique to avoid back strains, sciatica, or herniated disc, to name a few. There is a short checklist on things to ensure before lifting that heavy grass bag or dog food. First, make sure to bend your knees and keep your chest up in order to keep [...]

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Freeze Out Knee Pain

A new treatment used to treat knee pain and decrease the use of narcotics after knee surgeries has found its way to Nebraska.  Dr. Joshua Urban at OrthoNebraska is the first doctor in Nebraska to use this new treatment involving freezing the nerves that transmit the pain signal from the knee to the brain. This new treatment, Iovera, is not painful, with pain relief instantly lasting 2.5 to 9 months, allowing a delay in total knee replacement for patients with arthritis and a [...]

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