About Curt Krobot, DPT, OCS

Curt hails from the bustling metropolis of Stuart, NE, population 600. Curt received his BS in Biology at the University of Nebraska at Kearney in 2006, completed his Doctorate of Physical Therapy at the Nebraska Medical Center, and joined the staff at Premier after graduation in 2010. Curt was married in June 2012, and they are enjoying building their lives here in Omaha. Curt is an avid runner and golfer, and loves bringing that knowledge to his patients, even if it means delaying his PGA tourcard.

Does Running Increase Risk of Osteoarthritis?

  Running is a great form of cardiovascular exercise and great way to maintain physical fitness levels. There are some who are concerned that running causes arthritis, particularly in the hips and knees. A systematic review of 25 studies, covering 125k people found that "recreational" runners (<57miles/wk) had a lower frequency of arthritis, 3.5%, compared to "non-runners" @ 10.2%. Interestingly, "competitive" runners, (>57miles/wk) had a 13.3% chance of developing arthritis. Over-training can overload joints and not allow cartilage [...]

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Technology & Sports: Preventing Injuries

As youth sports participation increases there is more single sport focus at a younger age. Seasons and practices have lengthened and the young developing athlete is not given adequate time to rest and is often prone to overuse injuries. Ever emerging research continues to stress pitch counts, practice limits, and rest. 2 Rice University Students, Senthil Natarajan and Alex Dzeda, recently developed a "baseball sleeve" to alert you to potential arm injuries. Tommy John surgery (ulnar collateral ligament reconstruction), rotator [...]

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