About Curt Krobot, DPT, OCS

Curt hails from the bustling metropolis of Stuart, NE, population 600. Curt received his BS in Biology at the University of Nebraska at Kearney in 2006, completed his Doctorate of Physical Therapy at the Nebraska Medical Center, and joined the staff at Premier after graduation in 2010. Curt was married in June 2012, and they are enjoying building their lives here in Omaha. Curt is an avid runner and golfer, and loves bringing that knowledge to his patients, even if it means delaying his PGA tourcard.

Youth Sports Specialization…Don’t Do It

Youth sports participation continues to grow as younger ages are included and additional groups form. With this growth comes an increased risk for youth sports injuries, and the majority of these are related to overuse injuries. The growth of specialization contradicts the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and the American Orthopaedic Society for Sports Medicine who strongly oppose adolescent specialization. A study¹ of more than 1000 patients between 7-18 years of age demonstrated a 60% specialization, typically by [...]

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Medicare B Physical Therapy Cap

A long awaited permanent fix to the Medicare Physical Therapy cap has been achieved!  If you are not familiar with the cap, and the concerns related to it, here is some background information. Previously, Medicare beneficiaries had an annual "soft" cap at $1,980 for Speech-Language Pathology and Physical Therapy services, and a separate $1,980 cap for Occupational Therapy. If you reached this "soft" cap you were still eligible for services, with an exemption, up to the "hard" cap [...]

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