About Julie Ortman

Julie is our star triathlete. Most of us aim to finish a race- she's the one on the podium. She brings that same passion and commitment to her patients- to help them achieve all they strive for. Go, Julie, go!

Treadmill Running Tidbits!

What are the differences from running outdoors versus running on a treadmill? 1. Treadmill running is a tiny bit easier due to not fighting wind resistance. There is some belief that increasing the incline to 1% will make up for this but it simply doesn’t add up to anything significant unless you’re running 7:09 pace or faster. 2. A treadmill offers a certain amount of compliance or springiness, which helps to reduce forces through the joints. 3. Treadmill [...]

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Caffeine Fun Facts

A moderate intake of coffee and/or other caffeinated beverages DOES count towards fluid needs. Approximately 80 percent of Americans drink coffee. Most studies conclude that caffeine does indeed enhance performance and makes the effort seem easier. Caffeine stimulates the brain and contributes to clearer thinking and greater concentration. The average improvement in performance is about 12 percent, with greater benefits noted during endurance exercise than with shorter exercise (eight to 20 minutes) and a negligible amount for sprinters. More benefits [...]

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