About Julie Ortman

Julie is our star triathlete. Most of us aim to finish a race- she's the one on the podium. She brings that same passion and commitment to her patients- to help them achieve all they strive for. Go, Julie, go!

Our Feet!

Have you ever thought of how important your feet are? They are the first thing that hit the ground and can account for stressors on other joints if not properly aligned, strong, and have the proper mobility. There are 33 joints per foot and they need to remain mobile for your body to move best. According to Men's Fitness magazine: Most people may only have about 45 degrees of big toe extension. The big toe needs to extend [...]

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Treadmill Running Tidbits!

What are the differences from running outdoors versus running on a treadmill? 1. Treadmill running is a tiny bit easier due to not fighting wind resistance. There is some belief that increasing the incline to 1% will make up for this but it simply doesn’t add up to anything significant unless you’re running 7:09 pace or faster. 2. A treadmill offers a certain amount of compliance or springiness, which helps to reduce forces through the joints. 3. Treadmill [...]

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