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A proper bike fit is important to having a good experience on your bike. A bike fit can decrease pain while riding, reduce risk of overuse injuries and enhance performance. Many of the common complaints while riding such as neck pain, hand and foot numbness as well as back pain can be alleviated with a proper bike fit.



During the bike fit our fitter will first determine your riding style, identify any current on the bike problems and discuss any injuries that affect your riding. Next your cleat position, saddle position and handlebar and stem alignment will be assessed. Adjustments will be made to your bike to optimize your body’s position on the bike. If necessary, our fitter will provide recommendations for altering components such stems and handlebars to improve your fit. To take it a step further we utilize Dartfish, a motion analysis software, to provide detailed video analysis of your bike fit and pedaling technique.

Education and expertise:

Our bike fitter, Amy Collison, PT, DPT,OCS, was trained and certified via BikePT. She is also a board certified physical therapist/orthopedic specialist. Amy races road, mountain and cyclocross for the Trek Bicycle Stores’ Women’s Cycling Team. Her expertise and experience as physical therapist and competitor allows her to explore all areas of your fit as well as asses any pains or injuries associated with cycling.

What to bring to your bike fit:

We want your bike fit to be done consistent with your riding style so using your bicycle, cycling shoes and your typical riding clothes is a must.



Take a look at an review done by one of Amy’s bike fits!