Vertigo: Why Am I Dizzy?

By | October 12th, 2016|Parent Category I|

Many people experience dizziness or vertigo every year. There are many types or causes of vertigo, but one of the most common is BPPV (Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo). The diagnosis of BPPV has increased in recent years as the knowledge of this condition has grown. So, what is BPPV? The inner ear is made up of 3 semicircular canals which help to tell your head/body where it's at in space or where its moving Within each canal there [...]

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Baby, its Hot Out There!

By | June 20th, 2016|Parent Category I|

June 20th marks the first official day of summer. Perhaps in the recent past weeks you have noticed your body reacting differently to the heat and humidity during your activities. Here are some tips to beat the heat and still keep up with your fitness: Cool down (seems obvious): Put ice cubes down your sports bra/shirt or even holding ice cubes in your hands and/or rubbing it along the inside of your wrist/forearm will cool you down if you have [...]

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