Our Feet!

Have you ever thought of how important your feet are? They are the first thing that hit the ground and can account for stressors on other joints if not properly aligned, strong, and have the proper mobility. There are 33 joints per foot and they need to remain mobile for your body to move best. According to Men's Fitness magazine: Most people may only have about 45 degrees of big toe extension. The big toe needs to extend [...]

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Concussions and You

There sure is a lot of talk about concussions these days. Did you know 85% of concussions resolve in the first 6 months since the accident? The first 6 months are crucial for the brain’s recovery. With everything going on in the NFL and media, one could presume that only sports can cause concussions. However the top 3 causes of concussions are much more common than football injuries. Falls, object to head contact, and car accidents were the [...]

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