About Curt Krobot, DPT, OCS

Curt hails from the bustling metropolis of Stuart, NE, population 600. Curt received his BS in Biology at the University of Nebraska at Kearney in 2006, completed his Doctorate of Physical Therapy at the Nebraska Medical Center, and joined the staff at Premier after graduation in 2010. Curt was married in June 2012, and they are enjoying building their lives here in Omaha. Curt is an avid runner and golfer, and loves bringing that knowledge to his patients, even if it means delaying his PGA tourcard.

Shovel Snow Without Back Pain

Shoveling snow is never fun, but don't make matters worse by injuring yourself. Back pain after shoveling snow is very common, but is preventable. Try these tips to makes things a little easier on your back, and be a lot happier. Warm up-Usually, you hop out of bed, throw on your winter clothes, and out the door you go. It's important to remember, shoveling snow is a workout, and like any workout you should warm-up first, especially [...]

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Tips for a Safe and Enjoyable Winter Run

Winter is here and its not going anywhere soon, but you don't have to dust off your treadmill just yet. As the temperatures get closer to freezing, many people stop running outdoors and get on the treadmills, or worse yet, don't run at all. Running in the cold winter months can still be fun, and NO, it won't make you sick. Here are some tips for a safe and more enjoyable cold winter run. Safety: One of [...]

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