Pain + cold weather = increased pain… WHY?

As winter is approaching and with living in Nebraska any day has the possibility of being winter, pain increases. Many people say the cold weather affects their chronic pain and intensifies it, but why? With the climate changing, air pressure changes as well, which is called barometric pressure. “When Barometric pressure drops it significantly decreases the amount of pressure placed on the body which forces the tissue to expand and put pressure surrounding the joints”. -Edward S. Rubin [...]

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Chronic Back Pain

Are you included in the 3.5 million who suffer from moderate to severe back pain? Back pain can be debilitating and affect your quality of life. However, there are ways to help manage this pain without the use of pain medication. A recent study surveyed 150,000 people who suffer from back pain from the age of 18-64 years old. They found that those who had been to Physical Therapy displayed significantly lower probability of having opioid prescription, [...]

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