Pelvic Floor

The muscles that take center stage of the body may be causing you pain, problems or inconvenient situations in your daily routine. Are you experiencing any of theses symptoms:

  • Pain that radiates to the abdomen, groin, low back, and/or hips?
  • Strong or frequent urge to urinate?
  • Urinary incontinence or leakage with coughing, laughing, or other activities?
  • Constipation or difficulty with bowel movements?
  • Pain during sex?

You may have pelvic floor dysfunction. The pelvic floor consists of 3 layers of muscles that assist in function of bowel, bladder, and sexual performance. Pelvic floor dysfunction can occur in both men and woman of all ages. Just because you’re getting older does not mean that you need to “adjust” your lifestyle or avoid activities you enjoy due to leakage, pain, or difficulty; nor does it mean that you should include leakage pads to your weekly grocery list.

What this does mean is that you may have weak or strong pelvic floor muscles that are not working for you in your daily routine. Not to worry, there is help for you! Your friends at Premier Therapy are here to help educate, teach strengthening or relaxation techniques/exercises for the muscles to help you with your daily struggle.