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Do you have constant headaches, but you're not sure why? Have you just accepted headaches and/or migraines as part of your daily life? Did you know that physical therapy can help with those by focusing on the muscles surrounding and supporting your head. These include the upper traps and cervical paraspinals, where a lot of tension is held, often leading to headaches. Physical therapy can provide you with stretches and manual therapy for muscle relaxation. Dry needling can [...]

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Is there a path in life you have wanted to take? Maybe there is a trip you've wanted to take, a new job you've considered, a long lost family member you've wanted to visit, or even an appointment you've put off scheduling due to fear? The unknown can definitely be debilitating and cause an uneasy feeling, or uncertainty in making the final decision. Fear does not necessarily surround negative or bad outcomes; fear comes with the good decisions [...]

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