~Take the Trip~

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  With this summer coming to an end, the question to ask yourself is, do you feel less stress and/or rejuvenated from time away from work? Did you take time to get away from the daily grind, to rest and relax, to refuel your energy? Studies show that most Americans do not use their PTO days earned. In fact, in a 2013 study, the average American left 4 PTO days unused. It is always important to have an [...]

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Hip pain

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Does your hip make a popping sound when performing exercises? What does this mean? This occurrence may have multiple factors and causes. Keep reading for a good place to start when trying to manage your symptom and pain. Location and action is everything and will be broken up into three sections.  If this popping or clunk refers is located in the anterior groin and occurring with active hip flexion and return to neutral such as when performing core [...]

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