Return to Sport Training

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          Physical therapists work with people with all sorts of injuries. Some are work-related, others motor vehicle accidents, and some are due to active lifestyles. PT’s can be the ultimate decision-maker for athletes returning to sport training safely. Everyone knows someone who has had a surgery; therefore, you know and understand the differences after surgery and the sometimes long road to recovery post-surgery. With athletes, especially in youth sports, there is added competition and [...]

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Is Your Diet Putting You at Risk For Alzheimer’s Disease?

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We hear it often; you are what you eat. Based on this article, it shines through how important your food choices are when it comes to your health and the affects it can have for your outcome of disease.  The study further explains how sugary and starchy food can cause a blood sugar spike, resulting in the body not being able to process insulin correctly. In further detail, it breaks down how this stress can increase your chances [...]

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