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Work Injury Management


Workers’ Compensation

Our Omaha physical therapy administrative staff works cohesively with the injured persons employer, primary doctor, insurance company, and/or attorney allowing the individual to focus his or her complete attention on recovery.

Workers compensation injuries are treated with the same personalized notice, proven physical therapy tactics and innovative recovery techniques that any orthopedic therapy or sports rehabilitation patient receives. Our physical therapists are able to work with patients to reduce the severity of the pain and give instruction on how to prevent future accidents. Though the Premier Physical Therapy programs employees will receive strength and conditioning exercises and stretches during their workers comp therapy in Nebraska. This type of treatment concentrates on restoring a worker’s flexibility, mobility and endurance and allows them to safely perform their duties at work. If you have been injured in a work related accident, please contact Premier Physical Therapy today at 402-933-0100

Work Hardening Physical Therapy Program

One of our most successful occupational treatments is the Work Hardening Program. This goal oriented, measurable-outcome based treatment program uses real or simulated work activities to restore physical and vocational function.

We stress the importance or immediate evaluation and care of the injury.

Communication between all parties involved is crucial in successful rehabilitation. We follow a structured system designed to promote communication between the patient, physician, physical therapist and case adjustor/manager. This allows all parties to understand the individual ’s treatment plan, prognosis, and return-to-work status.

Benefits include:

• Improved range of motion, strength and endurance

• Increased functional abilities, physical demand level and workplace tolerance

• Improved symptom management

• Swift and safe return to work

• Functional capacity evaluations to assist in establishing return to work standards