Aquatic Therapy Omaha, NE

Premier Physical Therapy is pleased to be the home of a 99 Degree variable depth Hydroworx EVO Therapy Pool with swim current and underwater treadmill. An underwater treadmill is great for individuals who need exercise or rehabilitation and cannot do it on land. This new innovative design allows patients without the ability to climb into pools, easy access to water therapy.

An aquatic therapy program is the best way to ensure a gentle rejuvenation of muscles. Our state-of-the-art therapy pool continues to be one of our most highly effective tools for treating a wide range of physical ailments.

Here are just a few instances where one-on-one aquatic physical therapy may be your ideal solution:

    • ● Orthopedic Recovery
      ● Weight Loss
      ● Neuromuscular Conditions
      ● Chronic Pain, Back, and Neck Pain
      ● Fibromyalgia
      ● Athletic Injury Rehabilitation
      ● Arthritis

What Makes Aquatic Therapy So Effective?

There are two primary reasons that aquatic therapy is ideal for so many of our patients:

1. Low-Impact Training

Exercising inside our pool allows you to improve your strength, flexibility, and conditioning in a very safe and controlled environment. Aquatic therapy allows you to train your body without risk of injury due to the physical properties of water. The buoyancy offered in a pool prevents stress on your joints, back, and tendons.

2. Muscle Warmth

We keep our state-of-the-art pool at a well-heated 99 degrees, right at normal body temperature. This ensures that your soft tissue stays warm and malleable throughout your therapy session, which both increases results and minimizes the risk of injury. This controlled warm water is key in reducing pain, and it allows your body to function in ways that would be impossible on dry land.

Improving Quality of Life through Water-Based Exercise

Aquatic therapy, also known as pool therapy, is a form of physical therapy that takes place in a pool. It is a low-impact exercise that is beneficial for patients with various injuries or conditions.

The Benefits of Aquatic Therapy

Aquatic therapy uses the natural properties of water, such as buoyancy, hydrostatic pressure, and resistance, to help patients perform exercises that may be difficult to perform on land. The hydrostatic pressure of the water helps to increase blood flow and reduce swelling, while the buoyancy of the water reduces the amount of weight bearing required for the patient to perform movements.

Aquatic therapy can help patients improve their movement, as well as overall fitness and quality of life. It is especially helpful for patients who have difficulty with land-based exercises due to pain, weight, or balance issues. Patients who are rehabilitating from surgery, injury, or illness can benefit from aquatic therapy to speed up their recovery process. It is also useful for patients with chronic conditions such as arthritis, fibromyalgia, or multiple sclerosis.

Performing Aquatic Exercise

Aquatic therapy sessions typically involve performing exercises that focus on improving strength, endurance, flexibility, and range of motion. These exercises may include walking, jogging, stretching, and resistance training. Home exercise programs can also be created for patients who wish to perform aquatic exercises at home. These programs can help patients maintain their progress and continue to improve their strength and mobility.

The Importance of Weight Bearing

Weight-bearing is an important aspect of many exercises, but it can be difficult for some patients to perform on land. In aquatic therapy, the buoyancy of the water reduces the amount of weight bearing required for the patient to perform movements, making it easier for patients to perform exercises that may be too difficult on land.

Is Aquatic Therapy Right For You?

Aquatic therapy offers many benefits to patients. Premier Physical Therapy is dedicated to providing patients with the highest quality of care possible. Whether you are rehabilitating from an injury or illness, or simply looking for a low-impact exercise program to improve your overall fitness and quality of life, aquatic therapy may be the right choice for you.

As one of the few physical therapy clinics in Omaha, NE with a well-heated aquatic therapy pool, we know that many patients will come to us out of necessity (or because doctors recommend us). But, patients stay with us because of our personalized approach to physical therapy. Our aquatic therapists are here to meet your needs, and if aquatic therapy is what you need, we know you’ll enjoy your time here with us.

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