“If there is a possibility of adding more Stars, I would add more for this business. I was fortunate enough to complete my physical therapy at Premier Therapy Associates following my knee replacement surgery in mid March. Jennifer B was the therapist that worked with me. She customized my sessions to not only include help my knee, and also help with balance issues relating to my Parkinsons Disease….the whole experience was so very positive….anyone seeking personalized PT services will do themselves a favor getting it from this place.” – Diane W. 

“Six years later, I still want to say thanks. Ryan was great and pushed me to be the best I could. I had my second ACL surgery in less than 18 months, including two meniscus repairs. The staff pushed me to be my best and I ended up in some of the best shape I have been in my life and my knee has not had new issues. The hours were convenient as a law student who had class during the day and it was very close to where I lived. I’ve been to 4 or 5 physical therapy places in my life and this one stands out.” – Kyle M. 

“I had a lot of pain in my left leg due to a busted left hip so I did therapy in the pool for 21 days and it did a lot of good for all of my pain. At 1313 south saddle creek road . Everyone there was just great!” – Larry S. 

“The people were friendly and very professional. They set a plan for you and help you reach your goal. When your therapy is over they give your some exercises to do at home. I highly recommend them . I was very impressed.” – Connie W.

“This was a great place to go for Physical Therapy even during the cold, snowy, wintry days we had January to March in Omaha!. The therapists challenged me but also provided a nice variety of exercises. Kudos to Connor, Sarah and Allie…they are the best !!!” – Joan H. 

“I was referred by Dr. Thorell in 2006 to see Jennifer at Premier Therapy for therapy in my neck he said Jennifer was the only one he trusted to do the rehab on my neck because of a C1 and C2 fracture I had had a halo for 3 1/2 months and 4 1/2 of a hard collar when ever someone else tried I went backwards.about 4 years ago I started having headaches again I talked to Jennifer and she started therapy again and it worked I have since had injuries on my shoulders and knee’s and Curt at Premier Therapy has gotten me back on the court I highly recommend Premier Therapy” – Jim C.

“Had a lovely experience! I researched over 10 other places in Omaha, and this was the one I felt most confident about. Not having health insurance, the lowest price was a priority, but I was not expecting to get such a great service for that price. On top of that, they billed everything to my lawyer who is representing me in a car accident claim, so I didn’t have to put down my own money until the case settles. (My injuries were caused by a car accident). Cannot recommend it enough! Great facilities, personalized service and very kind therapists. Thank you!” – Mariana N.

“The staff is amazing and tries new things you may not have seen or heard of at other physical therapy clinics. You have to try dry needling with Jennifer. It immediately relieves deep muscle and nerve pain. If I could give them 10 stars I would.” – Matt

“I worked with Connor to address severe upper back pain, between my shoulder blades, and with his help and by following his recommendations was literally pain free and able to return to full normal activity within 3 weeks. Just as importantly, he taught me what I need to do to stay that way with a home exercise program.” – James R. 

“Just started PT for my shoulder. This place is clean, has great equipment, and has a perfect location. The therapists and staff are great, and are really helping me with my injury.” – Adam C. 

“Five stars absolutely! Jennifer and the whole team of excellent therapists at Premier are committed to you and your recovery goals. Everyone in the clinic is not only professional and knowledgeable but also fun to work with!” – Christine F. 

“I am so grateful for premier physical therapy and for everything they did for me. I injured my back, and required physical therapy to get me back on my feet and working again. Jennifer and the rest of the premier team were fantastic! They were so welcoming, flexible, and knowledgeable. They truly listened to how I was feeling, they adjusted stretching and techniques as needed to make sure I was getting the best possible care in order to get the greatest benefit. I am now back on my feet and back to work. I would not be without the amazing physical therapists of premier!” – Heather K.

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