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Meet Allie: her super favorite things in the world = family, being active, trying new things, and (surprisingly since moving to Omaha) country dancing. Bucket list goal= to travel to all 50 states.

Holistic Health Model

Many factors affect your health, not just the physical components. One holistic health model the US military focuses on is composed of 9 elements that can help improve your overall health. These include: mindfulness, sleep, activity, nutrition, personal development, surroundings, emotional, spiritual and family/social. Mindfulness is being present without judgement, taking in how you feel to help you make conscious decisions and avoid autopilot actions, habits and mistakes. Sleep can help lower your stress levels by helping [...]

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Alternative to Coffee: Green Tea

Green Tea Green tea is known to have many of the same benefits as coffee with less caffeine and avoids the crash that you obtain with coffee. Instead, it releases sustained energy sustained energy over a 4-6 hour period for a more adequate effect. Tea is a natural plant based drink with limited additives especially if you get organic tea. If you are concerned about your caffeine intake the blended green tea with other flavors and herbs [...]

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