Aquatic Therapy

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What Is Aquatic Therapy? Aquatic Therapy consists of a mixture of stretches and exercises in a 96 to 98 degree pool. Here at Premier Physical Therapy, we provided one on one therapy. This allows us to individualize each session to incorporate the exercises that you will benefit from the most. The warm water helps with muscle relaxation, and increased circulation, which helps promote healing. The buoyancy of the water decreases overall pressure on injured or damaged joints, while [...]

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Mind-Muscle Connection

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You decide to reach for a glass, and just like magic, your brain sends signals to the appropriate muscles to make the necessary movements. It takes no genius level of understanding of muscle connection, nerve impulse, or physics to complete this task. The simplicity of such an act makes our lives exponentially easier as it allows us to go through our daily routine without having to actively concentrate on the specifics of every little movement. However, it is [...]

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