Nebraska Football New Concussion Protocol

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          If you’re like me, when you see an article about Nebraska football, you read onward, no matter the content. If you do not care for Nebraska football but have an interest in concussion management, then this article is still for you. Football season is coming and with it brings a new wave of recruits and an unbridled Freshman class to “hype” and fuss over. This particular Freshman class is so different from other [...]

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Overuse Injuries

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Specialization  Youth in high school and even younger tend to specialize in a single sport. With the option of club leagues and summer camps, this often results in year round performance. Constant repetitive actions can lead to overuse injuries that can stay with your child the rest of their lives. It is recommended a child should not exceed their age in hours of training a week. Research says a single sport should be limited to 8 months versus [...]

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