Self-isolation doesn’t have to be boring! If you are running out of creative ideas, look no further than your own Activity Bingo card. My wife came up with this idea by labeling a White-Board creating a BINGO-style 5×5 grid with 1 activity per square. Her activities include: walk the dog for 2 miles, fix something broken in the house, learn a new recipe, Video Chat with a family member, etc. To model this with exercise, I will create a Bingo board below that you can use, or you can make up your own! Perhaps, treat yourself to some ice cream or a sweet treat upon completion of a row or column! Print off this sheet and start crossing off those boxes….

Try to fulfill one row/column per day. Spice up your workouts by listening to a new album you have been meaning to or listen to a new Podcast! Take rest breaks and remember, you can always stop and start a timer as needed for completion. 


**Disclaimer: Perform exercises with caution, know your own limits and restrictions, and please be safe.





counter push-ups x25

Practice getting up off the floor x10
*No hands?
Walk around the outside of your house x10 laps Pick up sticks, leaves, weeds, gardening, yard work x10 minutes Place your feet together and turn and look behind you each direction x10

Stand on one foot for 5 minutes, switch

Side planks 2 minutes, switch Alternating Toe taps on a step/stair for 5 minutes.  sit>stand>sit
Repeat x30
1 mile walk
2 mile walk Calf raises x20 on a step Call your Premier PT and ask for something personalized or more difficult Standing, place your feet together, close your eyes for x3 minutes

Google a 5 minute Yoga routine and do it

Walk up/down stairs 15x in a row

Single arm Milk Jug lifts overhead x15, switch Google a 10 minute Zumba routine and do it Plank for 2 minutes  Walk only on your toes around your house
50x squats (hold on if needed) 50x sit-ups Roll over from one side of the bed to the other x10 laps 3 mile walk

Standing Toe touches 25x


The American Heart Association recommends 150 minutes of exercise per week to promote health and fitness to reduce your risk of cardiovascular problems. Just 20-30 minutes of continuous activity would help to promote this active lifestyle and this BINGO board may just be what you need to get started. Good luck, and don’t be afraid to contact us at Premier Therapy, should you have any questions!