About Connor Norris

Graduated from University of Saint Mary Doctor of Physical Therapy Program in Leavenworth, KS. Undergraduate degree in Health and Exercise Science with minor in Spanish from Gustavus Adolphus College in Saint Peter, MN. Omaha native who went to Creighton Prep. Enjoys being outdoors, sports, pursuing an active lifestyle, and helping others achieve their goals through physical therapy.

Dizziness when Standing

           Did you know your blood pressure decreases as you get older? Strength, flexibility, and endurance all decrease with age, too. Your heart is an organ composed of muscles which will grow older, weaker, and less flexible over time. Keep your muscles strong and steady, just like your heart, to decrease dizziness and fall risk.            A problem that many people age 60+ experience is dizziness when changing positions. When [...]

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Don’t Fall… Jump Into Spring

Worried about falling on the ice and snow outside this winter? Here are some common tips for walking and being safe outside this winter:       Wear proper footwear Check the bottom of your shoe (sole) prior to going out in the snow. Flat soles will not be helpful here - consider wearing shoes with soles that have deeper ruts and valleys as they will be optimal for outdoor walking. If the bottom of your shoe looks [...]

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