About Jennifer Beran, DPT

Jennifer was born and raised in Minneapolis, thus is extremely well-known for her cold hands but equally warm heart. She received her BS in psychology from the University of Wisconsin at LaCrosse in 1998 and her doctorate from Creighton PT school in 1998. She ran her first marathon in 2001, started Premier Therapy in 2005, married the love of her life in 2009, and became certified in scuba-diving and sky-diving in 2011. Jennifer loves running, reading, talking and her helping her patients meet their goals. She also loves a good joke and padded tennis shoes (in case we didn’t mention, she’s ridiculously short.)

Got Headaches? Stick a needle in it!

Sounds mean- but it works!  I have several patients who are successfully controlling their headaches/ migraines with dry needling to the muscles that radiate pain into the head.  These patients are ecstatic to be off medications and to be able to be highly functional without the constant fear of the pain. Although each person is different, the most commonly involved muscles are the shoulders (upper traps), the back of the head (the occiput) and the muscles on the [...]

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Gotta Go?

I just had a great new patient this morning... I say "great" because it reminded me about an area of physical therapy that is unique because is (1) a very common complaint; AND (2) equally as commonly not treated. Many adults (women more than men, but men also) will report "a little (urine) leakage" with laughing, sneezing, jumping and assume this is "just what happens after babies and just need to live with it."  Nope.  Not true. Yes, urinary [...]

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