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Chris is the master of all things electronic, technical and creative. He loves his wife, his children and his computer. He is a pilot and a skydiving coach with over 500 jumps and is successful most of the time. When his son was asked what would be his dad’s perfect day, “Any day with weather nice enough to fly into the blue sky or jump through it.” And if you ever need to ask a favor, Chris loves peanut butter to an almost freakish degree.

RunRight: Video Running Analysis

Running is one of the most popular and participated sports worldwide. In 2017 an estimated 60 million people participated in running in the US.  Health related reasons remain the primary motivation for most Americans to start running; 2017 estimates of 24% of people start to run for exercise, while 80% continue to run for health and fitness.  Relieving stress and having fun are still top reasons as well to why people continue to run as a sport [...]

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Titleist Performance Institute-Golf Rehab Certification

 "TPI does not believe in one way to swing a club, rather in an infinite number of swing styles. But, we do believe there is one efficient way for every player to swing and it is based on what the player can physically do." About TPI Titleist Performance Institute was created in 2003, by Dr Greg Rose and Dave Phillips, to study the ideal golf swing and how physical limitations can affect your swing or even cause [...]

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