Meet Brooks, a 4 month old who was diagnosed with right-sided Torticollis at 7 weeks old. Torticollis is a congenital muscular tightness in which the infant's head is turned to one side and has the inability to turn in the opposite direction due to a tight and shortened sternocleidomastoid muscle. In most cases parents notice once the head has started to flatten on one side of their skull, it often protrudes at the front of the skull [...]

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Where is the Silver Lining?

Sometimes we need to search for a Silver Lining when times get tough; for some it is easy, for others the challenge is harder. Recently I have had an overflow of patients dealing with life threatening conditions come to me in search of a positive attitude and some consoling. At times it becomes hard to lift them up when you truly feel sorry for them and sometimes want to cry along with them. As it is October, Breast [...]

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