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Weight Management

What we do

During your first visit we will perform a complete health assessment including nutritional evaluation, body fat measurements, aerobic fitness, and flexibility. From your health assessment, our Omaha physical therapists will customize a diet and exercise plan to suit your individual goals and needs in order to lose weight in a safe and effective manner

Why you should join the weight loss challenge

 Many health benefits including the following:

• Decrease the risk of heart disease, cancer, stroke, type II diabetes
• Lower blood pressure and improve cholesterol
• Improve level of endurance and cardiovascular fitness
• Increase bone density
• Improve sleep
Premier Physical Therapy will provide motivational support to help you stick with your exercise and diet regime
May lower insurance rates
Safely lose 1-3lbs per week

How our Physical Therapists are different

• Licensed Omaha physical therapists will work with you to design a safe exercise regime. Furthermore, your physical therapist will work with you to address recommended footwear, discuss postural education, and demonstrate correct exercise performance techniques for immediate and long-term use in order to prevent injury
• Our physical therapists will work to control pain (as needed) throughout the entire process to ensure safe and effective long-term results
• We will give you the tools necessary to help you stick with the program and continue to lead a healthy lifestyle beyond our program

What to Expect During Follow-up Sessions

• Sessions typically last 60 minutes, with 3 sessions per week for optimal results
• Sessions will include regular weigh-ins, assessments of diet and exercise journals, pain management, flexibility exercises, strengthening exercises, and exercises to improve cardiovascular fitness
• Regular monitoring of heart rate and blood pressure will be taken in order to exercise at desired level


• Health insurance or private pay options
• Individual or group exercise sessions

No matter what your goal weight may be, we want to help you feel better and do more.  Please contact us without hesitation if you have any questions, concerns or comments – we’d be happy to see what our Omaha physical therapy team can do for you.