While reading the magazine Men’s Fitness I came across an interesting article. The article ’10 Most Bizarre Fitness Competitions’ was titled very accurately. I was shocked to find out Extreme Ironing is a talent I am personally lacking, actually I am lacking this task without the added extreme factor. Apparently the Extreme Ironing World Championships are held in England yearly and the website states “Extreme ironing is an adrenaline sport that combines the thrill of an extreme outdoor activity with the satisfaction of a well-pressed shirt.” Competitors are ironing while skydiving, scuba diving and wake boarding to name a few. This proves that any activity can be turned into a thrilling exercise, not all exercises have to be boring or monotonous.

Another bizarre fitness competition is the Amazing High Heel Race in San Diego. This interests me because I love wearing my heels out with my girls, it not only makes us look extremely tall but works our calf muscles to the extreme. The next time someone asks me why I wear heels out when I am already 5’9, I will simply state I am training for a race!

The last one that stood out to me more than others was the Wife Carrying Competition. First of all, not only are these men carrying there wives while running, they are carrying them over rocks and water and through obstacles, talk about pressure! Couch sleeping is in the future if a wife is dropped I’m sure!

So get out there and come up with a crazy fun fitness competition to keep you motivated and at your best, but please be safe!


Radding, Ben. “10 Most Bizarre Fitness Competitions.” Men’s Fitness. September 2013: 62.