Stay Fit at Home with BINGO

Self-isolation doesn’t have to be boring! If you are running out of creative ideas, look no further than your own Activity Bingo card. My wife came up with this idea by labeling a White-Board creating a BINGO-style 5x5 grid with 1 activity per square. Her activities include: walk the dog for 2 miles, fix something broken in the house, learn a new recipe, Video Chat with a family member, etc. To model this with exercise, I will create [...]

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Usefulness of MRI for Low Back Pain

Medical imaging - specifically MRIs, are a commonly used as a diagnostic tool for medical practitioners around the globe. MRIs are great at what they do - that is, allow clinicians to noninvasively see anatomical structures deep within the body. However, MRIs can often be misleading or unnecessary when used to identify the cause of back pain. MRIs of the lumbar spine frequently show disc herniation, spinal stenosis, arthritis, etc. But how does knowing this information affect [...]

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