Is chocolate all bad for you? No!

Studies have shown, people who eat more chocolate have healthier hearts. In a recent article, they compared the size of a real rabbit’s head in chocolate (100 grams) eaten daily is linked to 23% lower risk of stroke.


Do e-cigs allow you to quit smoking cigarettes all together? No!

Pyrazines, a chemical commonly found in e-cigs, makes it harder for vapers to quit and easier to return back to real cigarettes. When quitting e-cigs all together, previous cigarette users tend to return to real cigarettes due to the cravings caused by Pyrazines.


Can your eyes choose your addictions? Yes!

Lighter eye colors, such as blue, gray and green have more tendency to become alcoholics. Eye color genes line up along the same chromosomes as genes for alcohol abuse.


Is there fecal matter on your toothbrush? Quite possibly!

If your toothbrush is stored on your counter this is probably true, due to flushing of toilets. Studies show brush covers make matters worse by trapping moisture and fostering germs even further! Store your toothbrush in your cabinet or drawer to reduce these chances and change it out every four months.


Does your birth month determine your health? Mayyyybe

People born in February and April have the lowest life-time risk of disease; where as October and November babies have the highest. This is thought to be due to how the seasons affect early development.


And lastly, our all time favorite as therapists! SELF DIAGNOSTICS

We’ve all done it, visited those symptom checking sites, that is.

Studies show when entering your symptoms the websites on average get the diagnoses right 34%, and then improved on third try to 53% right. When told to see a doctor or treat a symptom at home they were correct 57% of the time. The best site out there has been proven to be ‘Symcat’ getting the right diagnoses in 3 times 71% of the time.




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