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I discovered that could combine my love for cycling with my knowledge as a physical therapist to help people have a better experience on their bike. All too often I hear people talking about how they aren’t riding their bike because of pain while riding. Many of the common complaints people have while riding such as back pain, neck pain and hand numbness and be alleviated with a proper bike fit. As a physical therapist I look at the body and the bike. A proper fit is only half of the battle. Unfortunately, many of us have muscle imbalances that contribute to injuries.  If these muscle imbalances are left unaddressed they can lead to chronic pain.  If you address nagging pain early most of time it can be resolved quickly.

I also plan to post information about local cycling events. The more I get involved with the cycling community, the more I find out about fun events in the area. Whether you are an avid cyclist and want to learn more about racing or you are a recreational cyclist who wants to get involved with similar people Omaha’s bike community has something to tickle your fancy.

For more information visit me at The Cycle Therapist.