The McKenzie Method of Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy (MDT) is a system of diagnosis and patient management that is evidence-based.  Research has consistently shown that the majority of patients with mechanical spinal pain respond well to specific exercises and experience fewer symptoms when treated with exercises individualized to the patient.  When the specific individualized exercises are delivered by an MDT-trained clinician, the majority of patients are able to effectively self-manage their condition. This process promotes patient empowerment, increases satisfaction with treatment and is cost-effective.


  • Reliable Assessment: To be effective, the treatment must be based upon an accurate diagnosis.
  • Early Prognosis (Predicted Progress & Outcome): The McKenzie evaluation process makes it possible to predict patient prognosis commonly within 2-4 sessions.
  • Focus on Self Treatment: Research demonstrates that patients who are empowered through participation in their own care acquire the knowledge and confidence that result in better outcomes.
  • Better Outcomes: The MDT evaluation allows a determination of who will benefit from management according to the MDT principles.  Using MDT strategies has been shown to be able to: reduce surgery; lead to better outcomes; be cost effective.
  • Prevention of recurrence: Patients who have been educated in self-management are able to initiate treatment at the first sign of recurrence and symptoms can commonly be relieved before they become severe.

If you or a loved one is suffering from pain at the neck, mid-back, low back and/or headaches, then you need to chose your provider wisely.  Chose a provider who specializes in treating these areas and does not have a “cookie-cutter” approach to treating the spine.  Each patient’s treatment plan should be fully individualized; and thorough education should be provided regarding diagnosis, plan of care, and predicted progress.

Please visit the McKenzie site for more information including videos, a thorough list of research, and how to locate a Mckenzie-trained therapist in your area.