Recently proven, by a University of Melbourne study group, staring at a picture of nature for 40 seconds can increase your focus. I decided to try this theory for all of you gloomy week victims. As I was scrolling through pictures of nature in search of a background and screen saver for my laptop, I noticed something. I was more focused and my mood was improved just by trying to find an interesting nature picture. It was better than having my 3rd extra bold coffee this morning! It is currently gloomy and there are spurts of down-pouring rain outside; but my laptop shows a beautiful fall day with a variety of leaf colors. If you happen to be lucky enough to have a beautiful view from your office this will work as well, but please no bragging. Try this out for yourself worker bees and make those bosses proud! Now, off to complete my outstanding patient notes before what looks like a beautiful HUSKER weekend! GBR



Rosenthal, James. A 40-second Nature Break can Boost your Concentration. Men’s Fitness. October 2015. Page 22.