Where was the Premier family 10 years ago?


Amy: 23yo, husslin’ phones at sprint, trying to figure out life plan

Ashley: 16yo, junior in high school, lifeguard at YMCA, driving; competing in volleyball and track 200405_17500233824_7552_n

julieJulie: 31yo, breastfeeding 2nd child as she helps to build Premier

Emily: 11yo, 5th grade, just transferred to catholic school; played basketball, volleyball, track. “Oh! I had my first crush in fifth grade haha!”

Jennifer: 31yo, opening Premier (and that’s about it for the whole year)

Curt: 23yo, in undergrad applying to PT school, soon to be bouncer.  His lovely wife (pharmacist, mother of Miles) was still in high school.

Scan0001 (2)Chris: 35yo with Carter 3yo, Haley 5yo; playing with trains at Union Pacific DSCF0013.jpg

Beckie: 13yo, Harry Potter obsessed, started cross country the previous year.

Lina: Working at National Indemnity.  Already happily living in Benson.



What was going on in the world?

  • February 2005: patriots win Superbowl
  • Tom Cruise jumped on the couch for Kate – now divorced
  • The movie “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” released, Jennifer and Brad divorce- he left her for Angelina Jolie – now divorce rumors with Angelina.
  • Hurricane Katrina August 2005; schools reopened October 2005
  • #1 song on the pop charts was “Gold Digger” by Kanye West