Men’s Health (April 2014) had lots of random interesting info:

(1) Eating bacon (or any processed meat) lowers your sperm count.

(2) After lifting with a trainer x12weeks, men gained 23% & 13% more chest-press and leg-press strength respectively.

(3) Twenty-year-olds who drank one 8.4 oz energy drink per day reports higher anxiety versus those who did not imbibe energy drinks; and as the amount of consumption increased, so did the anxiety and depression.

(4) Broccoli: steaming is the name of the unlocking-the-antioxidants game; versus boiling or microwaving (even one minute) killed myrosinase, this cancer-fighting enzyme.

(5) The effects on your brain of staying up all night are similar to concussions.

(6) Smoking pot may cause brain structure changes similar to schizophrenia; and the earlier one starts toking, the more brain abnormalities one has.

(7) And last but not least, my personal favorite: married adults rate themselves and being more successful than the singles.