Wow.  Ten years. To think that when I was in PT school I literally laughed at the idea of being an entrepreneur.   Needless to say, it’s been quite a walk since October 2005…

  • I left a job at The Nebraska Medical Center with guaranteed future, pay and benefits to take out a loan secured by a second mortgage and car pink slips for collateral.
  • We couldn’t afford support staff. We would see patients from 7am-7pm then lock the doors, clean the bathrooms, do the laundry.  I did all the billing by hand on the weekends.
  • We put all the income into paying off the loan, commonly not paying ourselves because there wasn’t quite enough there.
  • October 2006: paid off the loan. Started talking about a second location.
  • January 2007: opened second location in Benson.
  • May 2010: bought out former business partner; Chris comes on to run the business side of everything and the current Premier family is born.

Since then it has given me great joy see the Premier family grow including over five full-time clinicians, three full-time support staff and a third location.

Without being too sappy, I need to say some “thank yous”…

  • To Curt for trusting us and choosing us over “the established” company
  • To Amy for taking Benson to amazing heights
  • To Ashley for patiently sticking with the “PRN” position and growing it into full-time
  • To Julie for continual-never-stopping promotion of Premier (including the 9years before she worked here)
  • To my family for lending money in the lean times
  • And of course, to Chris Beran who left a well-paying 40-hour-per-week job to run a business he knew nothing about (and is never ever 40hours;) who has literally re-done every single thing in the clinic from painting walls to the web-site, pool decking and putting a window into the west wall at Benson “because it’s just not bright enough for patients in the gym- they deserve better.”

We are proud to celebrate 10 years for Premier Therapy- thank you, Omaha.


Premier Therapy