Hand Therapy Week

June 1-5, 2015

 Fracture Friday!!

Unfortunately, there are many bones to break in the arm.  We have seen everything from a fracture in the humerus (your upper arm bone) to fractures in both forearm bones- the radius and ulna, to wrist bone fractures, and breaks in the hand and fingers.  Fortunately, bones heal in a fairly consistent manner:

Inflammatory phase– These are the first 3-5 days following a fracture.  Blood moves to the area to assist with closing the gap of the fracture.  People will experience pain and swelling during this time.

finger fracture








Repair phase– This phase occurs during days 5-40 following a fracture.  New bone tissue is generated to bridge the two fracture edges.  The new tissue will begin to harden and new blood vessels are developed.

Remodelling phase– This phase overlaps with the repair phase during days 25-100.  More bone tissue is developed over the fracture.  Alignment of the new bone is facilitated with mechanical loading such as stretching and working out in therapy. 

Your Certified Hand Therapist is well trained to assist you during each and every phase of your fracture.  In the Inflammatory phase, one of the important goals is to reduce swelling in and around your fracture site.  Edema can and should be controlled.

During the Repair phase, emphasis is on protecting the injured area with a cast or splint for support.  We also ensure that you maintain normal movement in the joints that surround your fracture site.  People have a tendency to “protect” their injured arm which puts surrounding joints at risk for loss of motion and strength.  You want to protect only the injured joint, not all the joints in your arm.

splinted finger








And finally, in the Remodelling phase, emphasis is on increasing strength and endurance in the injured arm or hand.

putty ex









Our Certified Hand Therapist, Michele Jarzynka, has years of experience dealing with arm and hand fractures, both with her patients and with her own 2 sons.  Please allow us to help you on your journey from fracture to recovery!!