I feel like most people know what a PT (physical therapist) does, but aren’t as knowledgeable about OT (occupational therapy.)

Actual definition: “A form of therapy for those recuperating from physical or mental illness that encourages rehabilitation through the performance of activities required in daily life.”  (Which in my opinion pretty much tells you nothing.)

Real life application at Premier Therapy:  Michele Jarzynka, OT is the expert of the forearm, wrist, hand and fingers… there are 34 muscles in the hand and 27-29 bones (depending on the person, we have varying numbers of floating sesamoid bones.  True fact.)   Think of how critical your hand function is to every day life: “general” grip strength for driving, lifting and carrying versus “fine motor” for buttons, zippers, writing, cooking and typing.


So there’s OT 101. Can I please get a thumbs up.  (Cheesy pun intended.)