Kinesiology Tape Works!

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  As you may be watching the 2018 Winter Olympics, you may have heard or even seen the pictures of Mirai Nagasu and her "tattoo". In actuality, it is KT tape. You may also recall Kerri Walsh Jennings also sporting this tape during the summer Olympic beach volleyball matches as well. There are many varying brands of Kinesiology tape out there (KT tape, Rock tape, Kinesio Tex Gold, etc...) and really it is personal preference and ease of [...]

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Medicare B Physical Therapy Cap

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A long awaited permanent fix to the Medicare Physical Therapy cap has been achieved!  If you are not familiar with the cap, and the concerns related to it, here is some background information. Previously, Medicare beneficiaries had an annual "soft" cap at $1,980 for Speech-Language Pathology and Physical Therapy services, and a separate $1,980 cap for Occupational Therapy. If you reached this "soft" cap you were still eligible for services, with an exemption, up to the "hard" cap [...]

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