Technology & Sports: Preventing Injuries

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As youth sports participation increases there is more single sport focus at a younger age. Seasons and practices have lengthened and the young developing athlete is not given adequate time to rest and is often prone to overuse injuries. Ever emerging research continues to stress pitch counts, practice limits, and rest. 2 Rice University Students, Senthil Natarajan and Alex Dzeda, recently developed a "baseball sleeve" to alert you to potential arm injuries. Tommy John surgery (ulnar collateral ligament reconstruction), rotator [...]

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Caffeine Fun Facts

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A moderate intake of coffee and/or other caffeinated beverages DOES count towards fluid needs. Approximately 80 percent of Americans drink coffee. Most studies conclude that caffeine does indeed enhance performance and makes the effort seem easier. Caffeine stimulates the brain and contributes to clearer thinking and greater concentration. The average improvement in performance is about 12 percent, with greater benefits noted during endurance exercise than with shorter exercise (eight to 20 minutes) and a negligible amount for sprinters. More benefits [...]

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