Get a Jump On The Competition With Dry Needling

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Dry needling is often used to reduce muscular pain or trigger points. Other studies have proved effectiveness in improving neck range of motion and pain thresholds. A recent study, looked at the possible physical performance benefits from dry needling. All subjects completed max double leg vertical jump. They were then split into 2 groups; Dry needling group or a sham group. The dry needling group was needled at 4 specific locations in the calf muscle group. The sham [...]

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Reduce Running Forces With An App

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Excessive impact forces during running can lead to acute and chronic related injuries. These injuries can include: -Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome -Iliotibial Band Syndrome -Tendinitis -Stress fracture Those who run with high impact forces typically demonstrate a lower rate of knee bend during "loading", higher "braking" forces due to over-striding, and excessive vertical motion during the running cycle. Running with music can also be a contributing factor, as we don't hear ourselves so we don't try and reduce our [...]

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