Chronic Headaches

Do you have constant headaches, but you’re not sure why? Have you just accepted headaches and/or migraines as part of your daily life? Did you know that physical therapy can help with those by focusing on the muscles surrounding and supporting your head. These include the upper traps and cervical paraspinals, where a lot of tension is held, often leading to headaches. Physical therapy can provide you with stretches and manual therapy for muscle relaxation. Dry needling can help with muscle tension. Your physical therapist can also provide education of what may cause headaches, as well as exercises to help with other issues that might be contributing to the causes. These may include things like posture or work ergonomics.

You don’t have to live with that awful headache anymore! Come into Premier Physical Therapy to help get rid of chronic headaches or recent headaches from life stresses, car accidents, vertigo and more.