Back Pain? Check Your Core.

Pain in the back can be debilitating. The spine plays a very important role; you depend on it to hold you upright and get you through the day. What is on the flip side though? Your abdominals! These little boogers like to take a back seat and relax at times while the back puts in all the work. It is important to strengthen your core muscles to help support the back in functional lifts, carries and even sitting upright throughout the day. In addition, it is important to check your posture throughout the day, not only at work but in the car and at home, so that your not hunched over which then places more pressure on your back. A lumbar support in your chair or car seat can aid you when the muscles fatigue throughout the day. When your core muscles are on vacation, your back has no choice but to work double time. Give your back a break and slowly include these abdominal exercises to increase strength in your core and increase flexibility in your back.

Ready for the next step? To increase your core exercises, talk to your Premier therapist to provide you with the progression and aid you in putting that back pain in the back seat.