About Sarah Hallberg

Sarah was born and raised in the Omaha Metro area. She graduated from Clarkson College and joined the Premier Therapy family in March 2018. In her (minimal!) free-time she enjoys camping, hiking, biking, running....anything to be outdoors! A hard worker and an adventure seeker at heart; "work hard, play hard" is her motto for life. She is known for her happy spirit and glass-half-full way of thinking.

What Are Your Insides Telling You?

Have you ever considered what ingredients are in the food you are eating? What if you were allergic to one of these ingredients and you did not know it? What if your goal is to lose weight; you read nutrition labels and calorie content but your weight or you the way you feel after eating is not for the best. An ingredient group known as a sugar substitutes or artificial sweeteners has been replacing sugar itself in many [...]

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Consistently to Recovery

Do you ever feel as though you are consistently trying to reach recovery, your goal weight, or a level of muscle gain? This could be due to focusing too hard on your end goal and not the road to recovery or reaching this goal. Much like we do not learn to ride a bike overnight, or learn to tie our shoes in one session; we do not reach our goals of strength and recovery in one session or [...]

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