About Sarah Hallberg

Sarah was born and raised in the Omaha Metro area. She graduated from Clarkson College and joined the Premier Therapy family in March 2018. In her (minimal!) free-time she enjoys camping, hiking, biking, running....anything to be outdoors! A hard worker and an adventure seeker at heart; "work hard, play hard" is her motto for life. She is known for her happy spirit and glass-half-full way of thinking.

Pelvic Rehabilitation

  Pelvic Floor The unspoken muscles that take center stage of the body may be causing you pain, problems or inconvenient situations in your daily routine. Are you experiencing any of theses symptoms: Chronic pain that radiates to the abdomen, groin, low back, or sometimes hips? Strong or frequent urge to urinate? Urinary incontinence or leakage with coughing, laughing, or other activities? Constipation or difficulty with defecation? Pain during sex? You may have pelvic floor dysfunction. The pelvic [...]

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Ice Ice Baby

  We have all been there; the wiggling from side to side, swaying in hopefully the right direction, trying to hold still to avoid the inevitable. You find your feet at a sheet of ice and you try all the tricks to avoid falling. Whether it is to avoid public embarrassment or injury, we have all played this dance one time or another. We may have some tips to help to avoid your next trip.   1. It [...]

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