Is there a path in life you have wanted to take? Maybe there is a trip you’ve wanted to take, a new job you’ve considered, a long lost family member you’ve wanted to visit, or even an appointment you’ve put off scheduling due to fear? The unknown can definitely be debilitating and cause an uneasy feeling, or uncertainty in making the final decision. Fear does not necessarily surround negative or bad outcomes; fear comes with the good decisions as well.

Teaming up

Fear and anxiety sometimes come as a pair; living for a period of time in fear can increase these feelings of anxiety. These feelings can cause us to feel paralyzed and will eventually effect your health, ability to eat and sleep, and even desire to leave the house or make decisions. Living in a state of fear can increase pain, how we perceive pain, or even cause pain to travel further than the source. What if addressing the path to relieve pain is causing you fear? You might have fear that going to the doctor, dentist, or seeing a physical therapist about your pain, in turn, might cause you more pain; this is a scary thought!

Fighting Back

The first step to facing your fears, is sometimes, the hardest and biggest step to overcoming this barrier.  In some cases, the outcome of our fears does not amount to the level of fear we placed it at. The goal, in some cases, is easier to attain than our level of fear allowed us to think it would be. Although the first step is a hard one to take, it is the first step that allows us to look fear in the face and step over the barriers that fear has placed in our path to success.

The Challenge

I challenge you to take this first step in reaching your goals that we procrastinate due to fear. In reaching our goals, taking that first step, and traveling through the rocky road to success is when we realize the strength we truly have, and had all along, but allowed fear to overcome our strength.

The therapists at Premier Therapy understand and recognize these fears. We are here to help you; walk side by side down that rocky road to achieving your goals.