Do you ever feel as though you are consistently trying to reach recovery, your goal weight, or a level of muscle gain? This could be due to focusing too hard on your end goal and not the road to recovery or reaching this goal. Much like we do not learn to ride a bike overnight, or learn to tie our shoes in one session; we do not reach our goals of strength and recovery in one session or after occasional attempts either. This road of “gains” takes consistent practice and work; effort and intensity are nothing without consistency.

The road to recovery is a long distance race rather than a sprint. Giving a workout 100% effort once a week will cause bigger set backs rather than finding your minimal effective dose (MED) and working at your goal 3 times a week or several mini sessions in each day. When you apply 100% effort, this can cause you to feel sore and not able or wanting to perform for 3-5 days following this type of workout. By working at your MED, you are able to maintain a balance and consistency to your workout rather than having to take a break for several days following a workout due to muscle aches. Muscles need this consistency to provide you with the gains you are looking for. It is great to challenge yourself, however it is more effective for longevity in your routine when you find your balance or MED. Then, learn when to progress your exercises so you consistently are feeling challenged and reaching that goal.

Prioritize your workout and schedule it into your week so that it becomes routine. Strength is a skill and something is better than nothing. A few reps performed, split in sets throughout the day, can possibly provide your muscles a full workout. A strength building workout is more effective when performed 2-3 times per week with a day of rest in between to allow your muscles time to replenish and rebuild. If you feel it is hard to find the motivation to build a routine, find fun and creative ways to incorporate your session into your day. Change the where or how; find a workout buddy. Whatever you do, do not cancel your session. Remember, it is about the road traveled with less focus on the prize at the end. Find work outs you enjoy or music that helps you give it your all for your workouts. Invest time in your health, you are worth it.

If you need help finding your MED (minimal effective dose) or you are uncertain of the recovery or strength building process; discuss your routine with a therapist at Premier Therapy. Remember, healing and recovery is not attained in one session, be patient to see results.