Have you ever thought of how important your feet are? They are the first thing that hit the ground and can account for stressors on other joints if not properly aligned, strong, and have the proper mobility. There are 33 joints per foot and they need to remain mobile for your body to move best. According to Men’s Fitness magazine (November 2015): Most people may only have about 45 degrees of big toe extension. The big toe needs to extend to 65 degrees for your body to propel itself forward with optimal hip extension, thoracic rotation and glute max activation. What does this mean? Other muscles and joints must account for this lack of motion and therefore may cause injury, poor performance, pain, or fatigue. Decreased ankle mobility can predispose you to overuse injuries and fallen/flat (pronated) arches can account for knee or hip pain. Take away? Train your feet to lift bigger, run faster, and decrease your risk of injuries.