Do you want to see results in your running? Are you putting in the miles and not seeing the gains?  Perhaps it is your quad to hamstring muscle strength ratio. A recent article in Triathlete magazine looked at a recent study comparing recreational runners versus highly trained runners and found that although the recreational runners had stronger muscles, they demonstrated lower running economy. Whereas the highly trained runners had less strength, but better quad to hamstring ratio which produced a higher running economy. Jeff Horowitz, a Washington D.C.-based coach and author of Quick Strength for Runners states: “When each muscle in the chain of movement is doing its job, your body is moving most efficiently, which requires less energy to sustain.” “Imbalances require that extra work be done by other muscle groups at a higher overall energy cost.”   This imbalance can lead to injuries. Supplemental strength work could be your key to overcoming injuries and progressing toward your goals of becoming a more efficient runner. Come see us at Premier Therapy for a specific program to make this years running goals a reality! Happy running!