Weight loss is not a quick fix, it is a lifestyle change. A statement you may hear often, but remains true.

Weight loss corresponds to physical activity, nutrition, social environment, expectations, and self perceptions. Performing the recommended 30 minutes of moderate exercise a day, such has a brisk walk, can lower blood pressure, reduce the risk of obtaining diabetes, cancer and many other health issues, as well as help maintain a healthy weight. Many of us spend most of our days sitting whether that be during work or after. On average people are sitting for 13-14 hours of their day (1).  Our bodies tend to shut down when remaining inactive for a long period of time, causing your metabolism to slow down. An easy fix would be to get up at least once an hour to perform some basic stretches and exercises which will jump-start your body, increase mental focus and decrease body tension. According to recent studies, there is a direct correlation between a parent’s self-regulation of diet and exercise and children obesity (2).  Meaning our daily habits and regimen doesn’t only affect our health, but also sets the standard for your children and loved ones.  Physical activity influences daily well-being, while also enhancing body image and perceptions about physical activity. For many of us that may mean having a partner to exercise with to help keep you accountable.

Pain is often a reason people avoid exercise. Just because you have pain doesn’t mean you can’t exercise. Endless studies and many patients with constant and long standing pain have seen improvement on intensity and frequency of pain with use of regular exercise. The most effective way is to start with light exercises. Depending on current physical level, this could include use of seated exercises every hour or use of aquatics for decreased impact on joints. Exercises help increase heart rate, blood flow to your muscles and joints to allow self healing, and prevent muscle atrophy; which can lead to overworked muscles and additional aches and pains. If you are unsure where to start, your PT team here at Premier Physical Therapy can help you determine what regimen works best for you.


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