You know the saying, “Numbers Don’t Lie”. Here are some random percentages and figures from our PT in Motion magazine:

13%: Children aged 5-14 who walked or biked to school in 2009. In comparison, in 1969 48% walked or biked to school, no data on the uphill both ways for a foot a snow through July.

51%: Teen boys who listed gaming, yes gaming, as their primary entertainment.

$28,400: Average college grad debt

176: Calories per hour burned by 155lb bird watcher

Y93J1: (This is for the medical professionals): ICD-10 code for cause of morbidity, with supplemental factor of “activity, piano playing”

20%: Average of US population that reports no leisure time physical activity…SAD

Between 2002 and 2012 the number of ER visits related to wearing high heels doubled. Women 20-29 years of age were most at risk. (


PT is Motion, Sept 2015,