Get a Jump On The Competition With Dry Needling

Dry needling is often used to reduce muscular pain or trigger points. Other studies have proved effectiveness in improving neck range of motion and pain thresholds. A recent study, looked at the possible physical performance benefits from dry needling.

All subjects completed max double leg vertical jump. They were then split into 2 groups; Dry needling group or a sham group. The dry needling group was needled at 4 specific locations in the calf muscle group. The sham group utilized the same 4 locations, but was only pressed with the needling tube and no needle was inserted. Immediately after needling each person performed the vertical jump test again.

The dry needling group demonstrated a significant increase in vertical jump height; a difference of +1.2″ from pre to post needling vs the sham group. The findings indicate that dry needling may be used to improve athletic performance immediately before event. This provides a good framework or concept for future application of dry needling therapy and its benefits.

Dry Needling Vertical Jump Abstract

The International Journal of Sports Physical Therapy | Volume 12, Number 5 | October 2017 | Page 747
DOI: 10.16603/ijspt20170747

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