It’s Holiday Season!! Did you know that most people gain weight between the months of November to January? Here are some tips on how to prevent weight gain and over eating with the upcoming holidays:

Prior to that thanksgiving meal, prep yourself by drinking lots of water and a small snack to tide you over until the big meal, such as a handful of nuts, boiled egg or light toast with peanut butter. Protein will help keep you satisfied until the grand meal, while water can help fill you up for the feeling of being full faster. Try to gather small portions and only take one plate. Round two only leads to over eating; and let’s be honest it never taste as good as it did the first time! Try new recipes, add some greens and a variety of vegetables to your thanksgiving menu to snack on as a healthy alternative. Don’t leave it up to someone else; all the favorites will be accounted for.
Everyone’s struggle is the sweets. By all means save room for dessert, but if you are trying to watch that extra calorie intake, eating the pie without the crust can save you on average 80-100 calories.
Holidays are a time for family, so don’t forget to get active! Bundle up and take a family walk after that big thanksgiving meal or get the family together and play some catch or fun touch football (always one of my favorite thanksgiving memories growing up). Another option would be to work out. Get your heart rate going in the morning before the family gets together! Getting a good work out in the morning will lead to healthier choices throughout the day.
Try these healthy tip ideas for your upcoming holidays!