What does healthy aging mean?

The answer to that question varies between each individual, based on lifestyles, priorities, and goals. Do you want to travel more, maybe work for a few more years, continue playing golf, or just be able to maintain independence for longer? No matter the goal, the key is staying active and mobile.

When Do I Need to Start Exercising?

Exercising and staying physically active should be a lifelong commitment. The misconception of aging is that you will no longer benefit from exercise, or there are things you just can’t do “cause I’m getting older”. The acceptance of aging and losing mobility or function can be detrimental because it leads to further inactivity and loss of independence.

The goal and focus of your exercise program may change as you age. You should shift from heavier to lighter weights focusing on form and posture, focus on lower impact exercises, and incorporate more balance training to prevent falls.

I Have Health Issues, What Can I Do Now?

It’s never too late to start a health and fitness program. Maybe you noticed a decline in your balance, or recovering from surgery, or experiencing low back pain. That’s a great time to start an exercise program.  Your Physical Therapist can help you recover from your injury or surgery, and help address any other mobility impairments or concerns you have. We are movement experts who are passionate about staying physically active and healthy. Don’t let yourself become a victim of aging. Let us help you age successfully, and maximize your senior years.