As you may be watching the 2018 Winter Olympics, you may have heard or even seen the pictures of Mirai Nagasu and her “tattoo”. In actuality, it is KT tape. You may also recall Kerri Walsh Jennings also sporting this tape during the summer Olympic beach volleyball matches as well. There are many varying brands of Kinesiology tape out there (KT tape, Rock tape, Kinesio Tex Gold, etc…) and really it is personal preference and ease of working with the tape in choosing which brand works for you.
“The Kinesio Taping® technique and Kinesio Tex tape was developed by Dr. Kenzo Kase in Japan more than 25 yrs ago. In the 1970’s Dr. Kase began searching for a sports taping method which could assist in the healing of traumatized tissue and muscles. He found that standard taping techniques, such as athletic taping and strapping, provided muscle and joint support, however, they reduced range of motion, did not support the fascia and, in some cases, inhibited the actual healing process of traumatized tissue.” ( It was this that led him to develop a tape that would not restrict range of motion/mobility and yet still support joint/fascia/muscles. Here at Premier, we mainly utilize this brand of tape to individualize to each patient.
Kinesio Tex Gold tape is constructed of 100% cotton and elastic fibers, is latex free, adhesive is 100% acrylic and heat activated, and can be left on for 2-7 days pending your skin tolerance/activity level.
What are the effects of Kinesiology tape? It can decrease edema/increase circulation, assists in coordination of movement, facilitates muscle, provides support and stability without restricting the joint, relieves pressure, and mimics properties of the skin.
Since I started utilizing this tape in 2014 after attending a course and learning the basics, I have had countless success stories about this magical tape. One that particularly stands out was a patient who just underwent a debridement of some scar tissue and stitch excision where her hamstring inserts. She presented with a massive bruise from the surgical procedure as well as significant edema and pain. Just a couple of applications of this tape and you can see the improvements:

Before Tape Application




This is just one of the success stories. I’ve utilized this tape for patients with abdominal pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, back pain, knee support, achilles tendinitis, etc. The list, really is endless, however, not a permanent fix and why it is important to visit a qualified clinician to determine the source of your pain and establish a program to address your deficits. Come visit Premier Physical Therapy to find a qualified therapist to assist with your recovery as well as learn more about this magic tape for yourself!