The Body Was Made to Move!

Often times it’s difficult to remain active and get the recommended amount of activity. Research suggests 150 minutes of moderate-intensity or 75 minutes of vigorous-intensity exercise each week. A recent study by Jane Lewis shows that people who were able to obtain some sort of exercise two times a week had 30% decreased risk of cancer, cardiovascular disease and other health issues. Remaining inactive can cause the muscles to adversely adapt, affecting proper alignment, which can lead to pain or strain at joints or muscles. Remember to start out slow It is recommended to get up every hour, which activates energy and keeps body systems functioning properly. By walking three times a day for just ten minutes, you receive the same health benefits as if you were to walk or be active for 30 minutes straight. With that in mind, don’t let limited free time or the inability to do prolonged amounts of exercise affect your overall health.

Treat Your Body Right

According to American Heart Association 70 percent of individuals are considered overweight or obese. Studies show that increased levels of activities decrease the risk of age related diseases, the number one being cardiovascular disease. Exercise increases energy levels by raising the flow of blood and oxygen. It will also improve your mood by releasing endorphins.

Get Started 

If you have specific restrictions or health issues and are unsure of where to begin, the staff at Premier Physical Therapy is here to help. We can provide you with additional information and guidance to start being more active and get you back on the path to participate in the things you use to do and love!