For you runners out there (and even if you are not) don’t forget that other body parts are moving in different directions during your forward progression. Running, walking, and most of our day to day movements occur in the sagittal plane–this is PT speak for front to back movements, but this isn’t the only plane of movement. There are two other planes of movement as well: the frontal and transverse planes. The frontal plane is all about side to side motions–think jumping jacks or bending to the side. The transverse plane is about rotational movements that occur in golfing and swimming and probably the most neglected-and important- motions that prevent injuries such as iliotibial band syndrome, patello-femoral dysfunctions, and achilles tendonitis.  Here are some exercises to focus on the transverse plane:

wood chop

BTW, Premier Therapy offers running analysis evaluations if you have a nagging injury that you can’t shake or just interested in knowing if you are running with the correct form. Call to schedule today! Happy running! 🙂