As the weather is warming up and you are itching to get outside to resume your previous recreational/sports activities, remember, you most likely are not in the same outdoor shape as you were last summer. I think we all have a tendency to overdo physical activity that are bodies just aren’t ready for when the weather starts to warm up. With this comes some common injuries related to overuse or strains/sprains.  Here are 5 of some of the common injuries we see in the spring time:

Patellofemoral Syndrome (aka Runner’s or jumper’s Knee) – An overuse injury caused by repetitive high impact such as running, biking, high impact aerobics, jumping, and climbing stairs. It can also be caused by a sudden change in physical activity.

Achilles Tendinitis – An overuse injury caused by repetitive stress to the achilles tendon that can be caused by tight calf muscles, a heel spur, or a sudden increase in the intensity of a physical activity.

Ankle Sprains – Injury caused by rolling the ankle past normal range at an increased speed. Often happens during a fall or with a misplaced step on an uneven surface.

Shoulder impingement/tendinitis– An overuse injury due to repetitive overhead activities such as swimming, baseball, tennis, construction work, or painting

Plantar Fasciitis – An overuse injury that could be related to tight calf muscles that make it difficult to flex your foot and bring your toes up toward your shin, obesity, high arch, repetitive impact activities (running/sports) without proper footwear, and/or new or increased activity intensity.

To potentially prevent these type of injuries,  incorporate strengthening exercises, perform dynamic warm up activities (i.e walking lunges prior to running), wear proper footwear, and most importantly resume your previous physical activities slowly to allow your body to adjust accordingly.  For more specific prevention instructions/education, visit your favorite Premier Therapist!