Stretching is an essential, but often neglected part of our routine.

In order for your muscles and body to act as they were made to, it is important to maintain proper alignment. Stretching is a quick and easy activity that could improve your bodies overall functioning. There are many benefits of stretching including increasing blood flow to our muscles for proper healing, helping to decrease stress mentally and physically, and improving  our posture by stretching the tight muscles that often pull our body out of proper alignment.  If you are one who has a job where sitting is required for a long period of time, a stretch break is recommended every one to two hours to help increase blood flow, decrease added pressure on the back, and increase your productivity. If you are unsure of where to start, focus on stretching the muscles that are providing the most stress on your body. Due to the constant pressure of gravity and common forward-flexed posture, the best place to start would be the chest muscles, hip flexors, glutes and hamstrings. More information on the benefits of stretching can be found at the link below.